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My daughter went to small wonders for 2 years and I LOVED it!! The teachers were great, and I really felt like they helped my daughter get ready for Kindergarten. I really liked her second year there when she was coming home with books to read, and she read them so good!! I am getting ready to put my second daughter in there for the new year, and I am so excited. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

– happymom

I highly recommend this school. Professionally run and well staffed. Everyone is so happy to work there. It is contagious.

– jordansmom

WOW! I’m glad I did my homework. We just moved to the area this year and was looking for preschools. The kind that’s not just play, but a real curriculum based school. I checked out Small Wonder as well as the other curriculum based schools in the area and what I found was that Small Wonders has all of the Science, Math, Reading, Art and Music that the others claim to have, but here’s the proof. My child is reading already, I can’t believe it. I recommend this school to everyone. WOW!

– maxsaint

Love it! My son is going to two different preschools this year because he was right on the deadline for Kindergarten and I wanted him to have a true pre-K experience. Small Wonders has been great! He is learning to read short words and short books and is gaining a great deal of confidence. He will be really prepared for Kindergarten next year.

– Heidi

You need to visit this preschool, its clean, it smells good and I love the colors. My child is reading, yes I said reading. I first noticed how much he was getting out of preschool when we would drive down the road, he would read the signs. I had to make sure that his older brother wasn’t helping him, and sure enough the little guy was actually reading the signs. Now he is reading books! I can’t wait to go to the year end program, my wife said she has over heard music time and that its incredible how many songs they learn. I have scheduled time to be there. You need to visit this preschool.

– Proud Dad

I love this preschool. It is clean, safe, well structured and very friendly. My child is so happy to go every day. The holidays were just miserable without their teacher. I love everything about this school. I would recommend this school to anyone serious about jump starting their child in life. Now days you need to do that or they are behind in little ole kindergarten.

– Jhansen

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