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000Our preschoolerslare taught to think, solve problems, share ideas, write and read on their own level. Conceptsltaught in our curriculum are integrated into other activities in the class room. Sometimes it’s throughla game, another time in a song, or in Learning Centers where cognitive activitieslmake learning fun.
000Small Wonders Preschoollhas a reading program that will help develop letter recognition and phonics. Yourlchild can experience the joy of being able to participate with you in reading albook, poem or song.
000Simple mathematics are taughtlusing games and activities. Specially created Learning Centers have activities thatlwill require counting, grouping, sorting and ordering oflobjects.
000Fun experimentsland activities will open the eyes of your child to the world of science. They will become awarelof the world around them, and how it works. From the bottom of the oceans to the tipltops of the clouds your child will be enthralled by our exploration of thelanimal kingdom.
000For every subjectlstudied there are specially designed projects that will challenge the creative side of yourlchild. You will smile at the little works of art your child will bring home, but make no mistake, ourlteachers see more than crayon, glue and paper. They will recognize the fine motor skills, thelcoordination and thought process that go into completing everylproject.
000Social interaction maylbe the most important part of school. Participating in small and large groups of children, communicatinglwith the teacher and other students, will prepare your child for a wider variety oflsocial interaction. A child that learns correct behavior in preschool, will enjoy his/herlsurroundings, and feel comfortable and confident for the rest of his/her elementaryleducation.
000Music is a very importantlpart of our school. Children respond well to music. They love to sing and enact musicallfantasies. Musical activities give children another way to express themselves and to sharelideas with others. Using instruments, such as drums, bells, triangles, and shakers, childrenlare taught to reproduce rhythms they hear, and invent new rhythms for others tolcopy.

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